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Grow your business and attract the right clients with the right website.

A boutique web design studio specializing in web design and photography for wedding industry and other creative professionals.

About me.

Thanks so much for checking out Blush Bijou! My name is Rosanna. I’m a web developer that loves organized, impactful design. My social work and customer service background always finds a way to peek through, so if you find yourself asking me for life advice, don't be alarmed (I once coached a complete stranger through telling her family their vacation was cancelled!).

I enjoy a clean minimalist site like most other millennials, and believe infusing color and custom images will build your audience by showing your authentic, awesome self.

My favorite character is Sailor Mars (#purplehairgang) and I love any excuse to wear rain boots.

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My Skills and Offerings.

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Hand-Coded HTML

My focus is personally writing well-formatted, semantic HTML5 to ensure that the content is effortless to read, easy to collaborate, and simple to update.

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Custom Website Design

You can trust me to make your desired results come to life with the entire Adobe Creative Suite to develop a polished webpage, allowing you to outshine the competition.

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Professional Photography

Put your best forward with product images and headshots that will help set you apart. Impeccably curated photos set the tone for your brand, and will get you noticed.

Honorable Mentions: CSS, Git and GitHub, Critical Thinking, and MacGyvering

Featured Work.

first Bb design

Project One

Project Name: mock-up website, personal

Role: Web Design

JavaScript Project

Project Two

Project Name: JavaScript Sample

Role: Web Developer

screenshot of dev project

Project Three

Project Name: Jubilee Austen

Role: Web Developer

Connect with Me.

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